Man Stabs Four at Albuquerque Church

Four participants in a Sunday worship celebration at a church in Albuquerque, New Mexico were stabbed by a deranged individual shortly before services ended.

The 24-year old assailant, identified as Lawrence Capener, managed to vault over several pews to reach the choral area of the church, where he then proceeded to stab two worshippers in addition to two members of the choir at the St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic Church.

Church officials indicate this was the first time that any such violent episode had occurred at one of the churches within the Archdiocese of Albuquerque.

The intervention from other parishioners who rushed to the aid of those who were being attacked helped to stop Capener from continuing his stabbing rampage.

The four injured individuals were transported by emergency personnel to local hospitals for medical treatment and all are listed in stable condition. It was not known whether Capener had any relationship to or previous quarrel with any of the victims he stabbed or whether or not he was a regular attendee at St.

Jude Sunday Mass services. After questioning the assailant, police placed him under arrest. He is currently in jail awaiting possible felony charges for the attack, which police have not disclosed was planned or was an impromptu act.

David Brule is the lead editor for Roswell Gazette.  David has written for several publications including the Albuquerque Journal  and the Huffington Post. David is based in Albuquerque and covers issues affecting his city and Bernalillo County.  When he’s not busy writing, David enjoys woodworking.

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