Obsession with a famous couple on YouTube triggered shooting at a Texas residence

A 23-year-old man “single, lonely and disturbed” was attracted to Megan Turney and jealous of her partner Gavin Free, known for his videos on social networks, according to documents obtained by the Albuquerque Journal. This is why Christopher Eric Giles traveled from Albuquerque to Austin with the apparent intention of hurting someone.

The incident at the end of January was initially classified as a robbery to a house in Austin. However, court documents released this week revealed that the suspect drove about 700 miles from Albuquerque to the Texas capital with a purported purpose: to face a famous Youtube couple.

Christopher Eric Giles, 23, was described by the police as “single, alone and disturbed,” according to a report in the Albuquerque Journal , which cites documents presented at the 2nd Judicial District Court.

This report indicates that Giles’s phone contained hundreds of notes suggesting that he “developed great pleasure” for Megan Turney and that he felt “jealousy” of his partner, Gavin Free, to whom he wished him “to die alone and have no children. ”

Turney and Free have popular channels on YouTube. Turney, 30, publishes video where he “talks about everything, from advice on sentimental relationships to anime,” says his profile. Its channel has more than 340,000 subscribers. Free, 29, is one of the creators of the “The Slow Mo Guys” channel, which has more than ten million followers.

Both bloggers were sheltered inside a closet at their residence in the Texas capital when Giles entered the property. From there, they called 911.

“Our department received an emergency call at around 3:40 am that came from a residence in the 4500 block of Avenue G. The call was answered at 3:42 am as a robbery,” said the assistant chief of staff. Austin Police, Troy Gay, during a press conference on January 26 , the day on which Giles broke into the property.

But before the officers arrived, at 3:43 am, “the inhabitants of the house said they heard a gunshot and indicated that the suspect was inside,” Gay added.

Giles was arrested by officers who arrived on the scene at 3:44 am, while trying to escape in a vehicle.

“The officers asked him to stop and show his hands, at which point the suspect shot them, so the officers opened fire on him,” the police spokesman said.

Emergency team officials declared Giles dead at the scene.

Days later, Austin police detectives revealed that security cameras show how the young man toured the house looking for residents with a gun in his hand.

“Based on the recordings, it is apparent that Giles’ only purpose was to harm someone who lived there,” says a note from the detectives, cited in the Albuquerque Journal report .

After the incident, both Turney and Free appreciated the support of the community and the actions of the Austin police.

“Hello everyone. I just wanted to thank you for all the support and concern regarding the recent incident. The last few weeks have been difficult for Meg and me, but we’re fine. I want to thank the Austin Police for the amazing response time, “Free said on Feb. 12 on his Twitter account.

“Thank you very much everyone for each of your kind messages this day and I want to thank the Austin Police for the quick response that night and their unconditional support during these difficult times,” said Turney.

Source: Newshub.in

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