Purchasing Renewables an Anti-American Act

Purchasing renewables an anti-American act as countries worldwide are welcoming renewable energy like solar and wind power and are tuning into natural gas than utilizing coal. But investing billions of dollars in such mammoth projects, lead to picking their side.

US has wagered deliberately on natural gas and China securing its hold on the production of solar panels, selecting one technology over the other might jeopardize estranging one superpower or the other.

So we can say that novel solar provisions while being global environment friendly could one day be seen as anti-American alternative. Sean Miner, a fellow and associate director of the China-Latin America Initiative at the Atlantic Council, a think tank in the nation’s capital said that it would not essentially be a disguised or surreptitious shove by the US. But it would be a deliberate resolution by a country to say that it may have to expand the energy use. Is it progressing to the direction of renewables or are we planning to import more oil and gas. There will be undoubtedly grave geopolitical advantages of for the U.S. to export a lot more LNG.”

Almost two-thirds of the world’s solar panels are manufactured in China where magnanimous government endowment and other proponent schemes cut production costs by close to 80 percent. A quarter of world’s natural gas in meantime is supplied by the US where hydraulic fracturing – or fracking – has unfurled massive shale deposits mainly in the Northeast and Midwest.


Max Ranjit is a reporter for Roswell Gazette.  After graduating from Central New Mexico Community College, Max got an internship at NPR and worked as a reporter and sound engineer.  Max has also worked as a reporter for VICE. Max covers entertainment and community events for Roswell Gazette.

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