Women Swallow Abortion Pills in Northern Ireland at Prochoice Belfast Protest

Women swallow abortion pills in Northern Ireland at prochoice Belfast protest. Consuming pills in the state is against the law except if woman’s life is at risk or if there is a life time or grave risk to her mental or physical health.

In regards to this there has been a huge presence of police at the rally which lasted for an hour or so between Belfast’s crown and high courts. A woman could be given a life sentence if she perpetrates abortion here in cases of fatal foetal abnormality, rape or incest.

One of the protestors, Eleanor Crossey Malone said that she took this drastic step in confrontation of the exceedingly old fashioned, early, anti-choice laws that prevail in Northern Ireland. She said it is impossible to go further in this manner.

One woman who publicly consumed the tablet was taken away for questioning but campaigners accumulated persisting she could not be taken into custody. After several minutes of commotion officers shrugged and abandoned the area.

Ms. Crossey Malone, from socialist feminist movement Rosa, appended that women are consuming these pills on a daily basis as long as we remain secretive about it and not discuss it; politicians are not at gun point to constitutionalize on this.

Succeeding haywire scenes involving counter rallies from anti-abortion activists the demonstrators continued towards Lisburn. Abortion has become a contemporary subject in Northern Ireland since the Republic voted to legalize abortion.

Max Ranjit is a reporter for Roswell Gazette.  After graduating from Central New Mexico Community College, Max got an internship at NPR and worked as a reporter and sound engineer.  Max has also worked as a reporter for VICE. Max covers entertainment and community events for Roswell Gazette.

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