Report Criticized Trump’s Abortion Gag Rule

Report criticized Trump’s abortion gag rule as his unparalleled extension of a law banning US finances to international assistance groups that debate or carry out abortion is impending grave impact on countries mostly in requirement of worldwide support as per the new study involving previous affirmation the policy requires the policy causes numerous undesirable pregnancies and perilous abortions and millions of deaths.

The policy which is applicable to $9 billion in funds commandeered to diverse government agencies is facing far reaching outcomes involving closing down financing to some NGOs that contributed as the only source of healthcare in evolving countries hit severely by sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. CHANGE President Serra Sippel wrote in a letter that Trump’s enhanced policies has had instantaneous, direct and potentially disastrous consequence not only in women’s health but also pertaining to the health of men, women and children.

The Mexico City Policy, known informally as the global gag rule or GGR, was initially executed by Ronald Regan administration in 1984 and has fluctuated in its scope imposition during succeeding presidencies. After a timespan of some days into taking the office the Trump administration emancipated its revised policy known as Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance, an unparalleled move in enhancing abortion bans to all NGOs functioning overseas that accept US funding and the companies they collaborate with, permitting meager deviation for rape, incest or a pregnancy that jeopardizes the women’s life.

Max Ranjit is a reporter for Roswell Gazette.  After graduating from Central New Mexico Community College, Max got an internship at NPR and worked as a reporter and sound engineer.  Max has also worked as a reporter for VICE. Max covers entertainment and community events for Roswell Gazette.

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