Afghanistan Declares Ceasefire with Taliban Respecting Eid-Al-Fitr

Afghanistan declares ceasefire with Taliban respecting Eid-al-Fitr, which is the holiday capping off Ramadan, but the actions will be continued to combat over other unions like Islamic State.

Ashraf Ghani, the President of Afghanistan recently posted a tweet announcing ceasefire, which will endure ‘from the 27th of Ramadan up to the fifth day of Eid-al-Fitr’. The President also indicated that it may run from 12th – 19th of June.

However, it was not made understandable immediately about the accordance the Taliban with the ceasefire, while they were checking with Afghani officials, an activist’s spokesman reported. Earlier, a plan was disclosed by the President Ghani in February to establish peace talks to the Taliban and ultimately accrediting them as political party.

But, the agitator didn’t respond officially and declared the annual spring launch outrageous to the plan’s ostensible rejection, which is among the most exclusive proposal offered ever by the government of Afghanistan.

The shocking action has been actuated after the collection of main clerics of Afghanistan in its capital Kabul, appealed fatwa over the attacks and suicide bombings.

A statement disclosed by the President’s office says that, “The government of Afghanistan not only supports the unanimous fatwa announcement by the ulemas (scholars), but also backs the recommended ceasefire,” notifying that the clerics’ call was supported by the Afghani government.

President Ghani added on to say that, “(At) the same time, the Afghan government directs all the security and defence forces of the country… to stop all the attacks on the Taliban, but the operation will continue against Daesh (Islamic State), Al-Qaeda and other international terrorist networks.”


Kerri Avery graduated from University of North Carolina (UNC)– Chapel Hill in 2005.  Kerri grew up in Ohio but moved to New Mexico after school. Kerri has written for several major publications  including Buzz Feed and the Huffington Post. Kerr iis our community reporter and also covers world events.

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