Coffee Improves Team Work, Finds OHU Research

Coffee improves team work, finds OHU research and recently published findings.

A group of researchers from the Ohio State University (OHU) in Columbus conducted a research, the findings of which have been disclosed in the Journal of Psychopharmacology. The research was aimed at the people used to involve in their team task right after drinking a cup of Joe.

The study found the people preferring coffee before joining the team work, to be more productively engaged in the task with their peers. another research found that such people use to talk more in their work group due to influence of the caffeinated coffee, while they become more relevant at the same time to the subject under discussion, as compared to the people who prefer decaffeinated coffee.

Researchers followed more than 100 students, to conduct the research. The initial research did target the undergraduate students who did part the coffee tasting task. However, the students were divided in two equal groups, one of which was told to drink a cup of Joe and merit the taste and flavor of it at the start of observation and rest of others were asked to do the same things, but at the ending of the trial.

One of the leading researchers of the study, Amit Singh, who is a PhD candidate at the Ohio State University, said, “We suspect that when people are more alert they see themselves and the other group members contributing more, and that gives them a more positive attitude. They’re talking about more relevant things after drinking caffeinated coffee.”

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