Stephen Bannon Dives into Cryptocurrency

Stephen K. Bannon, now 10 months since he has been ousted from the position of chief strategist to President Trump and five months his exclusion from the arch-conservative news site Breitbart News, is now wagering that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can disarrange banking the way Mr. Trump has disarranged politics.

Mr. Bannon will not disclose much about his cryptocurrency plans, he is anxious that the disagreement that is attached with his name may augur unfavorable influence on projects that have just commenced. However, he convened private gatherings with cryptocurrency investors and hedge funds where he has debated operating on inceptive coin contributions through his investment business, Bannon & Company. And his initial interview on topic he said that it was an investment wise decision in Bitcoin.

In a small scale convention of academic at Harvard University this spring, he even suggested the probability of generating a new virtual currency, the “deplorable coin.” The name emanates from Hillary Clinton’s elucidation of Mr. Trump’s advocates as “a basket of deplorable.”

The activity that Mr. Bannon is executing in the virtual currency sphere is still in its nascent stages. However, he has communicated a desire in assisting entrepreneurs and even countries fathoming creation of their own cryptocurrencies, usually outside the US.

The unconventional world of cryptocurrencies has attracted appeal from everybody over the last few years, from drug dealers to scam artists to largest organizations from Silicon Valley, and most respectable establishments from Wall Street.

Max Ranjit is a reporter for Roswell Gazette.  After graduating from Central New Mexico Community College, Max got an internship at NPR and worked as a reporter and sound engineer.  Max has also worked as a reporter for VICE. Max covers entertainment and community events for Roswell Gazette.

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