Lenovo Smart Display Equipped With Google Assistant Coming This Summer

Lenovo Smart Display equipped with Google Assistant coming this summer and entering a battle between Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa for digital assistant authority.

Lenovo Smart Display is the first of four new devices on the market. It combines a Google Assistant-powered smart speaker with a touchscreen, bringing a visual element to the virtual assistant concept.

There’re two sizes available — $199 model comes with an 8-inch screen and $249 model has a Full HD 10.1-inch display. They feature a 5-megapixel front camera. You will also find a single 2-inch 10-watt speaker with two passive tweeters and dual array microphones in the 10-inch Smart Display.

There’s a volume button, a physical mute switch, and a physical camera privacy shutter. Lenovo really deserves rewards for adding a privacy shutter as it is very necessary for the camera-equipped device. The Smart Display runs a new-ish operating system called Android Things that is based on Android and designed for Internet of Things devices.

It’s just like a Google Home with a screen in which you can play music, answer questions, and control the smart appliances in your home.

However, there’s no app store but you can still use Google Duo for video calls, Google Photos, YouTube, and Spotify as all of these works with this new-ish IoT platform.

The screen displays the time and weather on standby. By tapping on the screen you will reach a home screen where it shows an expanded weather forecast. You can also perform all of these touch controls through voice controls. You can simply say “Hey Google,” or “OK Google.”



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